Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dear Josie,

Yesterday I went to Victoria Park with some friends - the weather is starting to be really nice and warm, and we couldn't miss a day in the sun (even though essays are due soon and exams are in one month). We also took a walk in the area around the park, it really felt we were in a dream: fabulous houses and beautiful people, trees in blossom, loads of cyclists; we couldn't stop smiling! It was one of those moments when I realise to be really fond of London.
I'm really looking forward to move out somewhere else, plus house hunting is one of my favourite things ever!

My friend Sephy took some pictures of me and the beanie I finished knitting this week: I'm so proud of it, I've always wanted to have a white one and now I made it myself! I'm sure you understand the happiness of creating your own things and put them on the second after they're done. It's a bit of a shame that I have to wait for the next winter to actually use it, I'm looking forward to that.

Oh, and I was wearing my new favourite blouse in the world - Tarzan comics!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Live music

Dear Josie,

I have been seeing loads of live music lately, and I feel like sharing this with you. Here there are some of the concerts I went to, I'm definitely making the most of London!

Lulu and the lampshades (such a cool name for a band! - I didn't know them before I went to see Peggy Sue, but it was a really nice surprise)

Lykke Li (she played at Rough Trade on the day of the launch of her new CD: the concert was only for those who bought the album that same day. It was awesome, we got a brand new CD and a concert all together! It was just a bit upsetting that she played only a 5 songs set..)

Iron and Wine (I saw them yesterday, a really moving concert)

Plus, we hosted at our place a small concert of Emmy the Great, who is probably my favourite singer. She was part of Pledge Music, a platform for artists who want to stay independent from the big music labels. She was raising money for her second album, and one of the things you could contribute with was having a gig in your living room (we actually were in the studio at the back of the garden). For all the time of the concert I couldn't believe she was there, in my house, playing all the songs I have been listening to for the last two years. It has been probably one of my happiest moments of my entire life, and my sense of awe lasted for days. It turned out that we knew the songs better than her, I felt a bit nerdy for that..

These pictures were taken by my lovely flatmate Simone.