Saturday, February 26, 2011


Dear Josie,

Winter is leaving this part of the planet and I can see everywhere the very first signs of spring. Yesterday I found a daffodil in our garden, I was so happy and impressed! We didn't plant any of those, we just had tulips and crocuses, so the daffodil came as a complete surprise. I took some pictures of it, as I know you like flowers as much as me. I'll keep you updated with the garden's developments!

These are some pictures of me and Epping exploring the greens. The hairband I'm wearing is the one I knitted myself.

I'm pretty smitten with this flowery blouse

..and there was a potato!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Dear Elisa,

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how, if I had an entire house to call my own and unlimited funds, I would choose to decorate the space I would call my own. What kind of space would I feel most at home in, and most comfortable and happy to spend the majority of my time?
I love interior design and I have a folder on my desktop where I constantly save pictures of spaces that inspire me. I think these images sum up the kind of place I would love to be spending my time at the moment!

Not sure where these images have all come from, but I'm sure there are some from The Selby, Hannah and Landon, and The Design Files! Please let me know if you want your image removed/credited :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I've been watching loads of Hitchcock's movies lately (he was born in Leytonstone, East London - just around the corner!), and besides the amazing plots, I noticed such a good taste in clothing that I wanted to show you some of the outfits I thought were awesome. I love them because they are elegant but still practical, and as you know I have a passion for pastel colours. Most of the dresses have big belts tied around, which is actually my favourite part for a dream dress.
Here are some of the pictures I could find on the internet - it was a bit hard to find good ones for Psycho that were not from the shower scene (that really freaked me out!).

Dial M for Murder (1954)

Grace Kelly as Margot

Margot (this is my favourite outfit of all the time, and it suits her so perfectly!)

Margot again

Psycho (1960)

Janet Leigh as Marion Crane

Vera Miles as Lila Crane (she had such a perfect coat!)

The Birds (1963)

Tippie Hedren and Rod Taylor as the main characters

Friday, February 18, 2011


My sugar dumpling Josie,

This week I went to Lisbon to visit a friend who lives there. I really fell in love with the city and its miradouros (outlooks), I had an awesome time and I wish some of the city's vibe was here too. I didn't take many pictures but these are some of the things I've seen and found around:

A tiny park in the middle of a big junction - and there was a peacock!

My friend took me to this amazing bakery in Belem, we had loads of pastels de nata - so so yummy!

This was an amazing cafè ready for Valentine's dinner

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

winter cosies

Dear Elisa,
I'm so sorry it's been so very long since my last post, it has been a most ridiculous summer to say the least!
I have a couple of images that have been sitting on my desktop for about a month now. They are two winter outfits that look perfectly scrumptious and cosy, and actually make me kind of wish it was winter in Melbourne right now, just so I could wear something as snuggly! Then I remembered that you are of course sitting through an icy Leyton winter right now, and could probably do with some cosiness yourself, so I had to share them with you! The first one is of Feist, looking quite glorious in a perfect classic peacoat, and the second one is of lovely Hannah Metz, wearing a scarf knitted by the talented Tara- Lynn.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vintage Fair

Josie my darling,

the other day my friend Sephy and I went to a vintage fair in bloomsbury, it was such a nice thing to wake up to on a Saturday morning! It really made me feel I was in the US again - bowling lanes, rock a billy hairdressers (I find it so cool, although I wouldn't probably take up the style), vintage, burgers and lots of interesting people. I didn't buy anything in the end, it was too busy and I couldn't look at things properly - but I am really glad I went.

I was really tempted to buy one of these lovely brooches

The bar

I loved these old fashion bowling instructions

I know you'd have had one of these!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My bedroom has got no walls

This weekend I'm moving into the front room, I'm a bit sad to leave my old room but it's gonna be so exciting to have a brand new space to decorate. This morning I took some pictures of it - I think it's changed a lot since you visited me last year. This is a selection of some of the things I love and made it into my room:

- my knitting projects
- the table cloth you gave me (a guide to seasonal veggies & fruit)
- Frida Kahlo portable mirror
- the view into the garden (it was such a lovely day today, almost springy!)
- new shoes! I truly love them, they go with any outfit and I feel they cuddle my feet
- my favourite necklaces
- all the other necklaces
- origami my mum made for me
- old mirror I found in the cellar, I think it used to be a wardrobe door)
- the set of photobooths we took last year around the world
- perfume (Coco Chanel)
- shell jewelbox
- my collection of black & white postcards of famous people
- a super sweet bird
- my boyfriend has drawn that little heart
- and finally me!