Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do you remember?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Whole Foods in Camden Town for a juice (I couldn't afford much more, it's so expensive!). All the memories of our trip to the US came back, especially that time when we were in Chicago, and we walked in the unbearable heat all the way to that mall to find Whole Foods. It was such a relief to find good food. Do you remember?

Here's there some pictures of the apples and pumpkins they had outside.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hey Josie,

It's been such a long time we haven't uploaded anything on this blog, I think we should do it more often! I love sharing things with you and see what you're up to.
Sooo, to start the new season of gnya-gnya blogging, I want to upload some pictures of my holiday in Holland. I really loved it, except for the far too many cheese pasties I had. I went around the Dutch lands a lot - definitely the highlights were Texel island and one of the national parks where you could rent bikes for free!



Texel island

Delft library

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Apparently today is the bikini's 65th birthday. I really liked these pictures (they're both taken from the Lomo's website), and I thought to share them with you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A day of fun in London and an evening with Ravi Shankar

Dear Josie,
as you know I have just finished exams and holidays have started, there's lots I want to do this summer, and I'm sure I will never get bored in this city! My mum is visiting me for a week, and today we had a long and exciting day: we started from Borough market, near London Bridge, had a coffee at Monmouth (I think one of the best places to have an espresso in London, it's also really cool inside, perfect to read a book). Then, we finally managed to go to the design museum - it was two years I was waiting for this moment, the last times I went it was always closed! - and it didn't disappoint me. There was an exibition on the 100 best design objects of the year, and another one on a Dutch designer. As we were already south of the river, we went to Brixton for a coffee and a cake at the Ritzy cinema, it was so windy that it felt as if we were at the sea! I really like Brixton, even though I don't know the area very much. Did I tell you that I'm writing my final dissertation on it? Maybe I'll get to be there more often next year.
After that, we went to the Barbican centre to see Ravi Shankar, the Indian composer who plays the sitar (which I think has become my favourite instrument in the world). The concert was absolutely wonderful, besides the fact that I've never seen such a sweet old man, he's 91 but he's still really incredible and funny as well.
I'm so tired now, but another day like this is waiting tomorrow. Wish you were here. x

Find Wally!

The Uk pavilion at the Shanghai expo 2010, isn't it cool?

A sweet Lego collection, made in collaboration with Muji

This chair was made out of recycled refrigerators!

The view on Tower Bridge from the museum

Ravi Shankar after the concert

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This one is for you

I took this picture tonight when I was coming from the Barbican Centre, after a classical music concert (it was the London Symphony Orchestra playing Mozart!). It made me think of you, and of how excited you were when you went to visit it because it was the church where Mary Poppins was set.
I thought St. Paul's Cathedral looked particularly gorgeous tonight, emerging from the other new buildings. x

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Dear Josie,

as a nice little break from exam revision, Sephy took me to Somerset for her dad's 50th birthday. It was so lovely being in the countryside for a couple of days: for the party we had to dress up as music celebrities (I went as Bob Dylan, and Sephy as M.I.A.), we stood by the fire at night, and we also played tennis the day after! It was ages I didn't play, it was my sport when I was a child - I thought I had lost all my skills, but I could still play. I'm so looking forward to the summer, I'll be done in one week but it feels so long now.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Dear Josie,

It's been a while I wanted to show you this, but I never had the time to update the blog. I'm studying really hard for my exams, so this post will be basically pictures. I hope you'll like it! x

p.s. there's no photoshop anywhere! the colours are so vivid in nature!