Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Abstract Ponyfish

Hey Elisa,
I thought you might appreciate these double exposures I took on my Diana mini of the Yarra. There is a newish bar in Melbourne that is on a little concrete island in the middle of the Yarra. It's under a bridge, and you have to walk out into the middle of the bridge and down some stairs, and you're there! It's called Ponyfish Island. These photos were taken on a Friday night after work, back when I had a job! It was a really warm and humid day, but very grey and overcast. Just as we got to the bar, it started to rain. It's outdoors, but luckily it's under the shelter of the bridge! It was so nice sitting there on the little island with our beers, watching the rain fall on the river and the boats go past us every now and again. I wish you could have been there.
P.S. I forgot this silly one! 

Spring time

Dear Josie,
these are some of the things I've been doing lately:

loving old tube stations;

having beer by the Thames and good chats with sephy;

eating ice-creams of the same colour of my outfit (not on purpose!)

having tea parties


playing with pois (it's so fun!)

hanging out with roxy

following the developments of the flowers in the garden

finding odd things

trying to have a nice picture of sephy and I - and I think this one is cool

laying down in the beautiful weather (this was today in Russel Sq)