Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hey Josie,

It's been such a long time we haven't uploaded anything on this blog, I think we should do it more often! I love sharing things with you and see what you're up to.
Sooo, to start the new season of gnya-gnya blogging, I want to upload some pictures of my holiday in Holland. I really loved it, except for the far too many cheese pasties I had. I went around the Dutch lands a lot - definitely the highlights were Texel island and one of the national parks where you could rent bikes for free!



Texel island

Delft library


  1. Caution: well dressed paedophiles may abduct small children...
    Very informative sign.

  2. Im so jealous! wish i'd had time to see more of holland when we were there. You'll just have to take me E!